How to get Creative Ideas

facebook-addictedUndoubtedly, professional graphic designers have creative minds, they are artistic and imaginative. Although, mostly clients thinks that logo designers are magicians who create imaginative images and come up with creative and mind-blowing ideas for their small business logos with a swish of their wands. But it is not the reality, however to come up with an interesting idea is not easy task to do. Thinking or developing a unique idea in a mind is not a magic that can be generated in a matter of seconds. The designer needs to think a lot for getting an original idea; it involves a complete and elaborative procedure of shifting the idea from designer’s brain to the final logos. Logo represents a brand and a brand is an important part of communication tools of each brand. Creativity of the designers is especially important for big brands that decided to rebrand themselves. Successful rebranding is truly the art, says the editor of Awesome Brands-a websites that reports new rebranding cases and explains the rebranding process.

The complexity is happened when a logo need to explain his idea or plan to the bad type of clients or to project managers. Although, the designers study the whole project and entire process of designing, but he face difficulty when he explain his idea in front of client, as he cannot put the entire concept in his words. Either it is a small or a large business logo design, a creative design reach to its final designation after many hurdles.

In this article, Judith from Awesome Brands will explains  the various stages through which a graphic designer experience in order to complete a project and design a brilliant idea. Almost all the best design schools follow this process.

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Creative design and Logos

Nowadays, a lot of computer programs are invented to help people make attractive and great design. However, you will not be able to create an attractive and beautiful design without learning more about the techniques. Yes, having more understanding about the basic things in creative design will be very important in order to make exceptional and beautiful design. Here are some basic tricks to make your design more attractive and exceptional.

The first important factor in design is color. You have to notice that color gives great effect, especially in creating mood. Color also gives great contribution in how people receive and understand a design project. Besides, this is also one of the most useful things for companies, foundations, as well as organizations to create their brand. The yellow border of National Geographic will be one of some great examples on how color plays its role in branding something.


Second, you can try to express your message or story though lines. The shape of the line will be the carrier of the message. Thick lines usually used in any projects for young audience, while thin lines will be perfect to express intelligence and elegance. Perpendicular lines symbolize something lasting and solid, while horizontal ones show the calm offered by a horizon. Then, diagonal lines have great ability to create 3-D space in 2-D environment. Take a look at the logo of MackMo, the directory of unusual MBA programs. Their logo is in bright colors but looks like it was drawn by hand. It’s to some degree unusual as well.


Shape will be the third important factors. Objects in different shapes will ring their own messages. Usually, angular shapes such as rectangle or square will be used to give a touch of masculine feeling. Use shape to get your message across. Meanwhile, any circular objects will be used in expressing touch of feminine feeling. Take a look at the redesigned logo of DSM, the goal was to create the image of a company that cares about environment and society therefore they use soft lines and blended colors.



Pay attention to the size since this is the next important factor in making your design attractive.

Besides, being careful and thoughtful in using space will also be very important. Make sure to provide white space or areas without any content in your design. It will be important to prevent problem of visual claustrophobia.

Those four important points are the most basic things that you have to notice before making design. Surely, there are still some other important factors that help you create attractive and beautiful design. You can learn the more detail techniques by attending some courses or schools.

Photoshop tutorials

adobe cs6 premiumPhotoshop is considered to be the most powerful graphics program ever created and the worldwide industry standard. Considering it is so powerful, why is it that most users only use it to a fraction of its capabilities?The fact is that many photoshop users do not take advantage of the amazing photoshop tutorials available. Instead they try to figure out this complex program by them selves and end it up not taking full advantage of the software. Adobe, the company that makes Photoshop is really amazing, they also have many tutorials, especially useful for beginners.However, written Photoshop tutorials can sometimes be confusing, especially if this is the first time that you use such a program.To save yourself time and energy, check out these video tutorials. By working at the same time with these killer photoshop video tutorials you can learn Photoshop in record time. Plus, you get too see every action performed and how the options chosen modify the final masterpiece.

These video Photoshop tutorials are divided, just like readable tutorials, on many audience different categories, so if you have no idea about such programs, this is not a problem. You can learn the Photoshop basics fast and then move on to more advanced Photoshop topics. It’s like having a Photoshop professional next to you showing you step by step, in order to achieve the best results.

It is best to look for package tutorials. This means that, the same professional Photoshop designer takes you through the basics and then step by step to different levels. This way, you get to have a continuance in what you learn, just like in being in an expensive school. Good example is:

This package also has a combination of readable and video tutorials. You could read the concepts, and watch a video related to the program you read about. This way, you can get to understand and practice a lot faster.

Another tip for you:

Why Design is important

At the time you first contact web designers regarding your desired website or internet assignment, it really is important to put your wishes and ideas on paper. If you don’t come up with some sort of instruction, web designers could have a lot of difficulty in fully understanding the project and how you would like it to be. If you spend some time on making very clear and consistent instructions, your project will develop much more smooth and faster than if you would not.
Please try to be as detailed as possible in your brief about design and functionality of your site. The more detailed you are, the sooner you will see results. It is, for example, always helpful to include all relevant items that are part of an existing brand identity that the designers should adhere to, such as existing logos, business cards, color pallets and corporate fonts. This way you can be sure that the graphic designers know and understand the existing brand identity that they have to respect. Secondly, in case your website must be re-designed, you should give the web designers all possible information on the desired style.


This way you will increase chances of becoming totally happy with the design that will be created the first time. What could be very helpful is letting your web designers take a close look at a few websites that have layout and design that you like best, and make clear to them what exactly it is that you are thrilled by. Usually these websites don’t need to be related to your business, the graphic design is what matters. Finally, show your designers some of your competitors’ websites to make them understand what kind of business and competition you are dealing with. Another important point of attention is that you must give a good sitemap to your potential web designers. For example we  have recently were working for the Educate The USa website and we learnt almost at the end of the project that one page needs to be really visible from the front page because it’s their really important part of business. It took us few hours to find the best way of presenting their online prep ged programs.  But now both owner and the designer is happy with the results. 


joomla-logoJoomla is used for  Web development  and belongs to 3 most popular CMS system: WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. During the years, we have actually implemented better compared to 1350 websites of various groups in Joomla and other favored CMSs and we are the largest and most reputable outsourcing business in Joomla Development.We have 122+ Joomal Developers/PHP professionals that are all finest in Joomla tailor-made development, with our professional website format and advancement group working in a simultaneous atmosphere; This makes specific that, your Joomla activities will certainly be performed in fast-track with 2 or 3 Joomla designers, there is never ever visiting be source trouble when implementing any sort of Joomla jobs.Take your website to a whole brand-new height with us(perfect Joomla designers), We wear”t call ourself finest Joomla development company, this is exactly just what our customers are calling us. Our Joomla solutions is champion, sophisticated innovation provider which we sustain for our users with extremely powerful and versatile devices to establish and maintain your site. Joomla Website Developers constantly try to make your website eye-catching, site visitor friendly and optimised for phenomenal online search engine positioning. [Read more...]


wordpress-logo-300x300When you think of doing something, that can earn you living, it becomes important to put your sole efforts and give the best, so you can get the best. Today everyone is thinking to give a new path to their business – which is the internet. Internet has become the very source for the most of the business and many people earn their living from it. When you think of putting your business online, the foremost thing that you require to expose your business online is a website. Website is an online 24X7store/shop where myriad number of customers can walk in at once, so it becomes critical to walk each customer throughout the website with ease.Looking at the evolving technology nothing seems impossible same way now you can show the path to your each and every customer seamlessly with the help of wordpress development.

WordPress CMS development is one of those platforms that enable your every custom requirement meet with without any instructions or limitations, yet be user friendly. WordPress web development is very user and SEO friendly that help your customers to locate their need easily without traipsing here or there on a website. On top that as it is an SEO friendly platform it helps enhance the hierarchy of a website in search engines. The other benefits of choosing wordpress as a platform would be you get the numerous ready options for wordpress theme designs to choose. Moreover, you can even opt for the custom design that suit your business.

As most of the work in WordPress is ready, so it requires less time to come up with the solution, which also saves ample amount of time. Constructing a website on WordPress platform is not an arduous task; nonetheless, it is important to see an executed work and number of experience a wordpress development company carries, as working on a custom requirement requires both experience as well as the knack. Whether the purpose of your website is to build an ecommerce with a huge number of pages or just to expose your business online with very little amount of pages, WordPress platform can be the best choice.

How the website owner sets-up the working space for maximum productivity

Today, we invited an owner of the well-known between MBA students Mackmo website, Kate Deliso. A few months ago, she decided that she will run a business from home. Working from home is an incredible opportunity to design your own workspace according to your needs and preferences, she says.  The nature of my work determined the necessary elements of the office’s set-up, but this do-it-yourself project allows for a lot of freedom and flexibility, even if you’re on a budget.  By establishing an inviting, professional atmosphere in your new home office, you will be able to boost your productivity and impress any potential clients who will come visit you at your new workspace. And it doesn’t need to be boring, recently we featured on Mackmo the most creative workplaces and I was positively inspired by creativity of Airnbshe continues. So here are a few tips from Kate.

Design Basics

The colors of your learning space should be warm and inviting, such as soft yellows, blues, and greens, so that you and your clients feel relaxed and calm while in the office. Position your desk in a part of the room that is well lit and has plenty of space for you to sit behind comfortably. Arrange all other furniture so that you effectively utilize the space in a way that is functional. Consider if you have enough lighting in the room that brings warmth, not sterility, to the office space. If not, maybe investing in a few lamps will change the atmosphere of your office drastically, and thus may be worth forking out for. Outfit your office windows with drapes that let natural light into the room, but that can be shut to provide privacy for visiting clients if necessary. Your desktop should leave plenty of storage space for your supplies, such as folders, cabinets, and containers, to keep your documents tidy so that you can concentrate on your work at hand.

AirnB offices
AirnB offices

Selecting  Furnishings

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adobe cs6 premiumLearning Photoshop: The Basics
The new version of Adobe’s CS6 Creative Suite is the upgrade from the previous suite and employs a host of new techniques for users of Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator, and more. For many people who work with images or enjoy photo manipulation, Adobe’s Photoshop is the first stop that people go to.But how does a person go about learning Photoshop? How can Photoshop benefit you and even bring money as a secondary income?Photoshop is a graphics editing program that allows user to create and edit photos, pictures, and other designs that can be used for anything from flyers to websites. Many professionals use the program to enhance their photography, as well as using designs and images created in the program as part of their websites.

So what can you use Photoshop for? Well, if you’re surfed the Internet, you’ll see that people use Photoshop to create websites and changing pictures. Many website buttons and images can be doctored within Photoshop, making the links to certain sections of your website unique, while you can also use the program to change pictures to suit whatever idea you have.

Using Photoshop in combination with say Dreamweaver, users can make websites to market their product or even themselves. Many professionals use the program to make portfolios or to make banners for their business’ website. Those that write or create newsletters or serials may use Photoshop in combination with InDesign or Illustrator in order to create picture designs or to crop them for use in the newsletter.

Learning Photoshop is actually not hard, if you devote time and dedication into learning the basics of the program. The current version of Photoshop is the 12th edition released by Adobe and can be used separately from that of the combination of the other programs. Depending on what you want to use Photoshop for, there are tons of websites and tutorials online as to how to get started using Photoshop, the elements and features of Photoshop, as well as what you can do with the program.

To get started, you will of course need a copy of Photoshop. The newest versions of Photoshop with the Creative Suite are CS3, CS4, and CS5 and can be purchased and downloaded from Adobe’s main website. The newer versions allow for better use on the Internet, with better abilities for website usage and design.

Upon opening Photoshop, find a very basic tutorial on what aspects and features the program has; you can also get help from the help menu of the program. The first thing you should try is to open up a picture and learn what each of the tools does and how the picture can be changed. If you have a website, you can change links to buttons or create a whole navigation system by using Photoshop.

This will help your website by making it easier for people to navigate in order to find something, especially if you are using your website promote yourself for work or you’re promoting your business.

product design

Product design requires creativity, experience and, if you are going to be building the product yourself, a substantial amount of technical know how.

The process of product design starts with the need of a full understanding of the requirements. Requirements gathering is a very distinct skill – sometimes the customer has a great idea, but it takes experience to know how it can be improved, tweaked and slightly changed to make it even better. Very occasionally, it is the job of the product designer to let the customer know that the idea they have just won’t work. again, this ability comes with skill, judgement and experience and can save the company vast amounts of money!

Product design could be as simple as updating an existing product to make it better, or starting from scratch on a completely novel idea which exists only in someones mind. These are often distinct roles and not the same skill set. A good example of product improvement would be Dyson’s bagless vacuum cleaner – a massive improvement on a product that had been around for decades before in the same form.

The steps in product development are as follows:

Specification – a detailed and thorough understanding of what the customer requires, and exactly what will be done. All details need to be thought about.
Clarification – based on the specification, it is always a good idea to change the scope at this stage if required, for example based on budget or deadline constraints.
Agreement or signoff – it is vital to get signoff of the specification and the scope of the project to ensure all parties know exactly what is required.
Patent review – with new product development, once the product has been specified, a thorough patent search is required to ensure that no other patents will be infringed. It may also be appropriate to file your own patent to protect the new idea.
A development plan is then required, detailing the exact steps and deadlines that will be worked to.
Once all of these planning stages have been taken care of and signoff has been given, the actual product development can commence.
It is always worthwhile working very closely with the customer and letting them see exactly how the work is going so there are no surprises at the end of the project – the work can be tweaked as you go along.
A prototype will be produced early on in the product design and development phase and again, this should be used as the basis for further discussions and possibly even commence user testing, depending upon the type of product, prototype produced.
At some stage the product design will be complete and the product will be made. Sign off is required to draw a line under the product development.
After sign off of the development stage, the product can go into production and in terms of the product design, the cycle starts again to ensure that the development of the product is a continuous cycle of improvement.

eBook cover design

Just like in printed books, ebook cover design is also important. Ebooks are part of the current digital revolution. Before, works of literature can only be read and enjoyed in printed format. With the birth of the ebook, the art of reading is changed forever. An ebook, or electronic book, is a digital text and image-based publication which can only be read with the use of computers and other digital devices. While ebooks are considered as the electronic counterparts of printed books, there are times when an ebook can exist without a printed version. One of the best places for finding ebook covers template is Graphic River.Unlike printed books, ebooks are intangible. One would think that because of their digital nature, they need not invest much in ebook cover design. Just like their printed counterparts, ebooks also need the best cover designs to sell. Ebooks need a cover better than a printed book because potential consumers need something to visually describe and represent a non-tangible product. A finely-made ebook cover design will allow the customers to visualize what they will buying. It is that which will give the ebook a sense of value for prospect clientele.It is safe to say that ebooks are more dependent on their ebook cover design than printed books do on theirs. On the Internet, everything you see is merely two-dimensional. To give the customer the best first impression, an ebook must be presented in a way that will surely grab the viewer’s attention. Therefore, the cover design must make the customer want to reach out into the screen and take the product by hand. The appeal of an ebook cover is instrumental in the success of a product: the more attractive the cover, the more customers it will draw. In the end, there will be better sales and more profits with a great ebook cover design.Om Graphic River you will find plenty of so-called: mock-ups that can be domne with one click of the mouse through Photoshop action. Here is my favorite