At the time you first contact web designers regarding your desired website or internet assignment, it really is important to put your wishes and ideas on paper. If you don’t come up with some sort of instruction, web designers could have a lot of difficulty in fully understanding the project and how you would like it to be. If you spend some time on making very clear and consistent instructions, your project will develop much more smooth and faster than if you would not. This is a basic that every web design school is teaching and you should follow this tip.
Please try to be as detailed as possible in your brief about design and functionality of your site. The more detailed you are, the sooner you will see results. It is, for example, always helpful to include all relevant items that are part of an existing brand identity that the designers should adhere to, such as existing logos, business cards, color pallets and corporate fonts. This way you can be sure that the graphic designers know and understand the existing brand identity that they have to respect. Secondly, in case your website must be re-designed, you should give the web designers all possible information on the desired style.
This way you will increase chances of becoming totally happy with the design that will be created the first time. What could be very helpful is letting your web designers take a close look at a few websites that have layout and design that you like best, and make clear to them what exactly it is that you are thrilled by. Usually these websites don’t need to be related to your business, the graphic design is what matters. Finally, show your designers some of your competitors’ websites to make them understand what kind of business and competition you are dealing with. Another important point of attention is that you must give a good sitemap to your potential web designers. For example we  have recently were working for the Educate The USa website and we learnt almost at the end of the project that one page needs to be really visible from the front page because it’s their really important part of business. It took us few hours to find the best way of presenting their online prep ged programs.  But now both owner and the designer is happy with the results. 
This is a listing of the web pages that must be developed, like Home, About Us, Services, Contact, Media Library and so on. Additionally, inform your designers about the special functionality that you require, such as online payments, a user-friendly registration area, maybe access to a document library or E-commerce functionality.
If you are cautious about providing this sort of information to the website developer, they will have better options for studying your project in every detail. It is important that your website developers become optimally informed about your ideas of design and development requirements. Only then will they be able spend time on researching site development and explore the latest technological developments that could be helpful. Before these ideas and possibilities are clear and talked through, your website developers cannot give you a reliable estimate of project costs and how much time they will need for design and development. It might also help you check available web technologies.

This way both parties will have a good idea of what it will take to go ahead with the project, and yo can be sure that and you can be confident that both you and your developers understand your project in detail. The web designers now should really be capable of designing and developing a top-notch website within the agreed time and within budget.